Concerto Networks, Inc. has a valued community of clients worldwide ranging in industry, business size and technology solutions. We have gathered the feedback from valued clients to share their story of how Concerto Networks' family of solutions providers have helped them improve efficiency, manage their technology's performance and saved them time and money.

We encourage feedback from our partners and clients and encourage you to read the testimonials below. If you are interested in sharing your story or finding out how Concerto Networks can help your business, email us at media@concertonetworks.com.


I have been working as a Realtor for sixteen years in the Louisville, (Kentucky) area, and I have relied on Steve Karcher to maintain all of my computer needs whenever I have needed help. He has always been reliable and efficient, as well as a wonderful advisor to the type of equipment I need. He has made a special trip to Louisville whenever I have called. I would strongly refer all of my clients and associates to call on Steve when they need service.

- Brenda Baumler, Realtor, Rainey Jones and Shaw


Our experience with Concerto Networks generally and with Jeff Beinhaur specifically has been excellent. Jeff has consistently and expertly delivered under our tight timelines to not only get our business up and running, but in maintaining our operations. He has promptly and effectively addressed the unique needs of a law firm setting to give us a competitive advantage. His services have been the best computer support that I have seen in 27 years of practice, and I note that the services he provides are far superior to those I experienced at extremely large Philadelphia-based and Pittsburgh-based firms where I worked before. He has helped us in many aspects including billing software and the formation of a website. The service contract with Concerto Networks has probably saved us thousands of dollars. I have found the support by Jeff to be friendly, prompt, efficient, economical, and high quality. In opening my new law firm, one of my best decisions was choosing Jeff and his company.

- Tom York, York Legal Group, LLC

The York Legal Group LLC


Mitchell Glassman of Concerto Networks Maryland is extremely responsive and very diligent in solving our technology issues as quickly as possible. He’s a delight to work with and we have had only very positive experiences with Mitchell. As a transportation company and shipping port agent, we move vehicles, household and commercial goods throughout the U.S. and around the world. Having a trusted technology partner to keep our systems running smoothly allows us to better manage our global organization. We would recommend Mitchell, without reservation, to any company seeking assistance with their business technology.

- Jennie Sims, James Global Logistics

James Global Logistics


Thank you to Concerto Networks of Pittsburgh for your help---my computer is working great now. Thank you also for taking the time to give us additional information on using our systems. Your prices are reasonable and you were very timely. I just sent your website to a colleague just in case they need someone like you!

- Jeanne Hink, Owner, The Right Sort


As a new company that is involved in a very demanding, fast paced industry we knew we needed the peace of mind to have our critical information protected. Jeff Beinhaur and Concerto Networks offered that assurance. Not only does Jeff and his staff know their “stuff” but they have the ability to relay it to us in terms we can understand. When a situation arises Jeff is never too far away to get immediately involved. Any small business today needs a good accountant, attorney, banker, insurance representative and IT person – that IT person for us is Jeff Beinhaur of Concerto Networks.

- MKT, Mi-Kee-Tro, Metal Manufacturing Inc.


My experience with Tom Schehr of Concerto Networks has been a very positive one. Tom has expertise in many areas, individual and networked computers, data backup solutions and phone systems. I am a mortgage broker and rely heavily on my laptop. My laptop became infected with viruses that ordinary virus software couldn't take care of. I needed a professional that I could trust to get my machine running again and not lose any of my saved information. I also needed the laptop back quickly because of a trip I was taking the day after Christmas. Tom did a great job of fixing the computer quickly. I also received in writing exactly what was wrong, what he did to correct the problems and how to avoid similar problems in the future. Tom delivered the laptop back to me on a Sunday which was above and beyond any service I would have found elsewhere.

- Cheryl Burke McEvoy, Mortgage Planner, Mortgage Source of Colorado


What we have appreciated most about working with Concerto Networks of Indianapolis, is their strong knowledge and “can-do” attitude. We have worked with other technology providers in the past before working with Concerto Networks, and we are relieved to have found Concerto Networks to be a true business partner. They have helped us tackle projects that others have shied away from, and they make achieving our business goals easier.

- Greg Richmond , Engineer and Owner, Circuits Repair


We have had a positive experience working with Concerto Networks for our business technology needs. Their services were referred to us and we value the proactive approach that Steve Pollak, our Concerto Networks solution provider, has provided us for managing our technology needs. Now instead of waiting for something to go wrong or break before getting help we have someone monitoring and maintaining the health of our systems, saving us time and money. He takes the time to understand our business goals and objectives and makes recommendations in alignment with our growth. We can rest assured that our technology is taken care of and we can concentrate on other vital business centers.

- Jan Ryan, Controller, Globe Business Interiors Global Business Interiors

We look forward to working with Concerto Networks of Indianapolis. Our representative, Mark Shearer, is knowledgeable, polite, and reliable and has delivered superior service and support. He really takes the time to listen and to solve our technology and business needs. He helped us resolve an internet service issue, which was preventing us from sending email to some of our valued clients. Concerto Networks’ expert help allowed us to better serve our clients and achieve our business goals.

- Nancy Murray, Controller, National Escrow Title Company


Our experience has been wonderful with Concerto Networks so far.  Our representative, Mark Shearer, is very knowledgeable about computers, and doesn't talk above us.  Thanks to Concerto Networks, we have begun to understand more about servers, spyware, networking and why having a technology partner is so important to our business.  Until Mark explained to us what we were missing, we did not know we needed technology support.

We are a small office of less than 10 people; we specialize in the production of trophies and awards and use computers not only to run our business, but with our engraving machines as well.  Now we have seen that we don't have to be a large organization in order to benefit from technology solutions and support; and it can be done within our budget.  We are also going to be expanding our business in the near future with another store in Indiana and envision Concerto Networks helping us get off to a good start in our new location, as well as working on future projects for us. I would definitely recommend them to our business associates.

- Gary and Joanne Bowen, Owners, Sharp Trophies By Mack


Concerto Networks of Cincinnati, Steve Pollak, has helped our organization tremendously. We have worked with other service providers in the past and feel very confident in the value that we are receiving from Concerto Networks, both from the expertise of our solution provider and in the access to products and services from leading technology companies. Knowing that our data is securely handled and stored is a necessity and Steve appreciates our company’s concerns and the complexity of our technology needs. His creativity, initiative and organization are just a few of the strengths he possesses that we value. We also take comfort in knowing that our level of support goes beyond Steve, we benefit from the Concerto Networks system as a whole. Now I can focus on my business and not the technology worries that have hindered us in the past.

- Jennifer Selm, CEO, Greater Cincinnati Cardiovascular Consultants


Jeffrey Beinhaur and Concerto Networks provide tremendous value to our business. They have efficiently and economically revamped our computer system, and have significantly increased our ability to communicate timely both internally and with our clients. They were an invaluable resource when we recently opened a branch office. They took charge of all communication and data movement solutions. We value our relationship with them and view them as a valuable resource for our business.

- Wayne M. Pecht, Esquire, Pecht & Associates, PC


We have had a great working experience with the technical specialists and management of Concerto Networks. When we have a service request or question the staff quickly responds to our needs and assists us with finding a solution that works within our setting and budget. We value their prompt and knowledgeable responses. The staff and technicians know the current trends and hardware and software needs in today’s market and are able to provide the information to us in understandable language and how to apply the technology effectively. Working with Concerto Networks takes the headache away from the office staff managing the networking and computer systems. It frees up the time that would be spent doing constant research and trouble shooting of systems to professionals that can quickly resolve issues. It helps smaller companies from spending a small fortune on a system that becomes outdated quickly.

- Wendie Baker, Operations Manager, Helix Mechanical, Inc


In the past we have worked with technology service providers that did not take the time to listen and get to know our business. Our Concerto Networks solution provider, Phil Price, took the time and care to understand our company’s needs and business objectives and made suggestions for business solutions based on those observations. Concerto Networks gives us an unparalleled level of service and support. Phil’s expertise and knowledge along with his focus on helping us grow our business, gives us peace of mind in knowing that our technology is in good hands. We really feel like Phil is part of our team and value his high caliber support.

- Alex Puente Sr., Great American Mortgage


Our Concerto Networks solution providers, Dylan Natter and Eric Rockwell, are a tremendous asset to our business. With their support we can focus on our business, not our technology. As a CPA who works with small business owners, I have always advised out-sourcing work that is best done by other professionals, allowing time for the owners to focus on managing their business and working with customers or clients. Computer technology, especially the complexity of networks and security issues, is definitely a field that requires a trained professional.For one monthly payment I know that our entire computer system is monitored for problems on a regular basis and back-ups are current. Should we have the need for any repairs or changes I know that a trained technician who knows our system will be available so that we can continue working. When we moved our business location last year we relied on Dylan and Eric’s team to install all the necessary cables and hardware at the new location and move the existing equipment. We did not have one problem with our computers and were back at work the next business day. Not having to worry about the computer system, back-ups, up-grades or security means we can spend our time providing service to our clients.

- Jeanne Max, President, Jeanne Max and Associates


I don’t know how I could run my business without Teri Pegnataro, Concerto Networks of Park Ridge, NJ. I call, she comes, she fixes me. It really is the Simple Office. I call Teri my “tech angel.” There is nothing she can’t do. She teaches me how to better utilize the technology, recommends what products to use, and provides incredible support whenever I need it. She spends as much time with me, my family, and my business as she does with much larger clients. She makes me feel like I’m her most important client.

- Gayle M. Gruenberg, Chief Executive Organizer, Let's Get Organized, LLC


Concerto Networks of Las Vegas, NV has helped our business in its time of instrumental growth. In a short time frame our company has grown from a 1 to 2 person operation to a growing organization with employees and an expanding client base. With that growth also means the greater need for technology to support our business. Our Concerto Networks solution provider, Dave Shumaker, helped us select a server that made sense for a business of our size and he is there to support our network on an ongoing basis. He monitors the health of our systems and responds right away when we need him. And the fixed pricing means we can stay on budget. Working with a technology provider to help our business grow has brought efficiency and security to our network, but Concerto Networks has also given us a reliable and easy to follow system to keep our technology on track.

- Jarita Clifton, CEO, DidaVa.com, LLC


Proforma Prime Image has used the services of Eve Barkley of Concerto Networks to configure our business' PC and laptop as well as our laser printer and all-in-one printer/scanner/fax equipment. She has also integrated all of our software with our franchise software for optimum utilization. Eve was always available to diagnose and solve our problems and went to great lengths to resolve those problems and satisfy our needs in a timely fashion. We are very satisfied with her service, response and follow-through. Her depth of knowledge also makes her a valuable asset to the operation of Proforma Prime Image. We recommend her highly.

- Pat McDonald and Bernadette McDonald, Owners, Proforma® Prime Image


We are delighted by our service from Concerto Networks. In TV production, tight deadlines are a way of life. What I love about working with our Concerto Networks solution provider, Steve Pollak, is the personal relationship he offers us and our business. He knows how we work and he is there for us in a moment when we need his help. Like most small businesses, we can’t wait when our computer system develops a crippling problem. Because of Concerto Networks’ use of new technology and Steve Pollak’s experience, we can get the help we need when we need it.

- Stuart Zanger, Owner, Zanger Communications LLC


I work with many technical organizations on projects and I must say I enjoy working with Concerto Networks. Nowadays it is rare to find a blend of technical skills, business experience, and a compassion for a “job well done” in organizations. Concerto Networks has this blend of skills and has consistently provided a high level of service. Concerto Networks has the passion to work though any business challenge and provides the feedback I require.

- Ken Bartke, CTO, Sonalyst Solutions


Concerto Networks has been invaluable to our small business. Mark Marquez of Concerto Networks assessed our needs and budget, then installed a computer network that has boosted our productivity using our existing resources. I value Concerto Networks' professionalism and plan to keep them on board for a long time to come.

- Licensed Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser


Concerto Networks has continually assisted me with our office needs such as the purchase of a computer for my office. Mark Marquez of Concerto Networks ensures that our technology is updated and protected from security risks. I have depended on his expertise and appreciate his pertinence with all of my questions. I would recommend Concerto Networks to any organization.

- Forensic and Consulting Psychology Office


Concerto Networks was prompt in responding to my computer issues. Concerto Networks was helpful, and able to solve the technology problems I was having.

- Attorney at Law


"Concerto Networks of San Marcos, CA did an exceptional job with our company's recent move of our corporate offices to Carlsbad..

- Wireless Sub metering Technology Company


I am totally impressed with Concerto Networks' computer service, especially with our service provider. He is very easy to listen to and very easy to understand. He is also a good teacher. He spent many hours with our computer last week and I appreciate that. One of the many other things that I like about him is that he is not uptight, he's very easy going and the most important of all is Concerto Networks has been very supportive of our company's position.

- Advertising Marketing Manager, Real Estate Company

If you are interested in sharing your story or finding out how Concerto Networks can help your business, email us at media@concertonetworks.com.