Simple Office® Support - Service Plan Glossary


Advanced Software Operational Assistance - Depending on the complexity of your unique software systems, your software environment may be considered advanced.  Prior to engaging in a service plan, your Concerto Networks service representative will determine whether your software is advanced or standard. This service addresses operational issues and not functionality or enhancements. Back

Antivirus Management - Antivirus software is one of the most important software programs on your PC. Through the use of our Simple Office™ Support Tools, your service representative will do their best to make sure that your virus programs are running and up-to-date. Back

Automated Advanced Data Backup - Every day, millions of changes are made to the data on your computer.  Every day, millions of people experience failure of a component or invasion by viruses or spyware that corrupts or destroys the data stored on your computer. The Simple Office™ Support backup solution provides the first completely automated autonomous remotely monitored backup system that can save an entire image or specific folders and then replicate that information to an off-site location all without user intervention. Back

Automated Maintenance Processes - Many repetitive tasks that should be completed on a regularly basis to keep your system running smoothly are often not performed because of the time and attention that they take.  The Simple Office™ Support tool can automate specific and general tasks that can keep your systems up and running and your users more productive. Back

Backup Monitoring - Nothing is more important than maintaining recoverable backups of your server. We will monitor your backup processes, if you have them, and help you develop them and monitor them if you do not. We will notify you in the event that your backup fails and work with you to develop a recovery plan. Back

Communications Management - Telephone lines and rates are an area of potential cost savings regardless of the size of your company.  With the advent of VOIP and a new competitive landscape, it is important to continually examine and review your costs in these areas.  Your Concerto Networks Service representative can bring the national players to your table to fight for your business.  We will coordinate the review of your current telecommunications expenses to determine if we can provide you with cost savings or feature improvement. Back


Connectivity Management - Your internet connections and associated contracts can be difficult to navigate without the proper knowledge of what is available.  Your Concerto Networks Service representative will review your contracts, schedule reviews with your vendors and help to negotiate reductions in rates whenever possible.  Back


Email and Backup Policies - Your Concerto Networks service representative will provide an outline for email and backup policies to promote the secure and reliable data protection.  These polices are an important part of an overall security plan. Back


Emergency/Off Business hours Support – When dealing with computers, we all know that problems often occur when you least expect them and they don’t always adhere to the work-day clock. If your server has a problem that could be defined as a Priority 1 issue and you have subscribed to the Simple Office™ Support Premium service plan for that server, we will respond either remotely or on-site as quickly as possible at no additional charge. Many companies charge hundreds of dollars per hour for emergency service. Back


Equipment Lease Management - If you are currently leasing your equipment or looking to lease new equipment, we will manage those leases and make sure that you are getting the results and rates you deserve. Back


Exclusive Concerto Networks Partner Access - Through Concerto Networks national partnerships, your local service representative can bring national accounts to the table whether you are negotiating an internet contract, phone system, CRM tool or you just want a new digital camera.  Now you can experience priority pricing and service that you deserve. Back


Firewall Management - Under this option, we will document and maintain your firewall according to industry specifications and standards.  We will strive to keep the highest level of security while maintaining user productivity.  This may require the purchase of a new firewall if you existing unit is unable to effectively counter the threats currently on the Internet. Back


Hardware Warranty Coordination - We all know that the warranty that is provided by most vendors can be difficult at best to deal with.  Most vendor warranties require that the end user perform a series of technical tests before they will consider sending someone on-site to repair the problem.  We will coordinate those services so that you do not have to worry about it. Back


Integrated Reporting - Your Concerto Networks service representative will work with you and your users to create reporting that is available on demand or on an automated basis.  Reports can include network statistics, inventory, and more. Back


ISP Management - At the beginning of your Simple Office™ Support agreement, we will obtain all the information necessary to manage and support your Internet provider.  We will monitor your key systems to make sure that they are on-line. If there is an outage, you can count on us to work with your provider to get you back on-line as soon as possible. Back


LAN - We will manage you local area network environment and maintain your switches, hubs and wiring to make sure that the connectivity within your organization is running properly. Back


Microsoft Exchange Management - This optional service is included in the Enhanced and Premium plans. If a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a technician will be dispatched according to the urgency of the problem.  On-site support will be offered only after remote services have been unsuccessful.  Back


Microsoft Security Patch Management - With the importance of computer security, nothing is more important than maintaining up to date security patches from Microsoft for both the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software.  As part of your Simple Office™ Support Managed Service Agreement, your Concerto Networks service representative will monitor and maintain the patches and provide you with reporting as required to make sure you are up to date. Back


Microsoft SQL/SharePoint Administration - This optional service is included in Premium plan. If a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a technician will be dispatched according to the urgency of the problem.  On-site support will be offered only after remote services have been unsuccessful.  Back


Network Asset Management - We will provide a complete inventory of your network hardware and maintain that list as things change. Back


Network Monitoring / Alerts - Do you really know what is happening on your internal network?  What programs are taking up your bandwidth?  Which users are using the Internet and for what purpose?  Which critical computers are on-line?  These and other answers can be obtained by examining the network information collected by the Simple Office™ Support tool. Back


Network Policy Enforcement - How much of your valuable data is exposed on your network to people that could compromise the security of your proprietary and sensitive data?  Regardless of the type of network you are running, the Simple Office™ Support tool can be utilized to secure and protect your valuable data from prying computers. Back


On Site Support - This optional service is included in the enhanced and premium plans.  If a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a technician will be dispatched according to the urgency of the problem.  On-site support will be offered only after remote services have been unsuccessful.  Back


Outside Vendor Management - Your Concerto Networks service representative will compile and maintain a list of all outside vendors relating to your network, computer and communications systems.  You will need to make only one call should you experience a problem with any of this equipment. Back


Password Administration –To properly secure your network, a proper password policy should be in place and a proper password policy means that passwords change on a regular basis. We will assist you in adding and maintaining your users and their access to your network.  Your users can contact us directly to request passwords in the event that they forget. Back


PC Inventory of Hardware and Software - It is often very helpful to truly know what hardware and software is installed and running on your computers.  This inventory information will aid technicians in resolving problems and upgrading systems. In addition, when it is time to upgrade software, it is an easy task to determine which of your systems is compatible and which may need upgrading. Back


Primary Help Desk / Trouble Ticketing - All programs include general help desk services on basic software, hardware and connectivity problems.  Using the Simple Office™ Support help ticketing system included with all managed packages, users can send a request for almost any reason.  Your Concerto Networks service representative will respond and either resolve the issue or instruct the user as to what to do during normal business hours. Back


Priority ResponsePriority Response –Exclusively available as part of the Premium service plan for PC's and Enhanced and Premium plans for Servers. Priority response means that your priority requests will be handled before all other plans.. Back


Project Planning and Guidance - As your advocate, we will work with you to help develop and plan for changes to your network to solve problems, expand capabilities, or improve performance. When it comes time to implement new projects, we will work with you to manage and guide the projects to completion.  Some projects may require additional resources in the way of time or personnel and these will be included as part of any project implementation. Back


Purchasing Advice - As part of any Simple Office™ Support managed service agreement, your Concerto Networks service representative will provide you with money and time saving purchasing advice as your advocate.  There are many options on the open market and buying the proper hardware and software can make a huge difference in your ultimate productivity. Back


Router - We will work with your internet provider to manage your Router typically used to keep your internet connectivity up and running.  We will work with your Internet provider to keep your router up and running and contact them when we detect a problem. Back


Scheduled Technology Review Calls - As part of your Simple Office™ Support Agreement, we will provide scheduled technology review calls at an interval that is coordinated with your schedule and requirements.  The goal is to remain in contact with you and to keep you informed as to the status of issues and progress of any on going projects and to listen and respond to any concerns that you may have. Back


Secondary Email, Voicemail Support - In the event that a subscriber has a request and the primary help ticketing system is unavailable, the subscriber may call or email the Concerto Networks service representative and request assistance.  Users should be aware that this method is not as reliable as the help ticketing system and users should follow up with their service representative in the event that they feel a message has been missed.  You may also contact our 24/7 call center at 866.IT.CONCERTO and your call will be routed to your local service representative. Back


Secure Remote Control / Remote Support - For maximum efficiency, Simple Office™ Support includes an integrated remote control system that allows your administrator to troubleshoot and repair most issues regardless of where the computer is, keeping your employees as productive as possible.  Remote access means that problems are resolved faster without the cost and wait of on-site visits.  Not all problems can be resolved remotely, but on-site visits are often shorter because of the knowledge and history collected by the Simple Office™ Support tool.  Users and managers can elect to allow unlimited remote control or users and managers can control the when and if a computer can be remote controlled. Remote access is through a 256-bit secure encryption process. Back


Server Software and Hardware Inventory - When servicing a computer, knowing what software is running on what hardware provides the technician with the information they need to repair or upgrade the unit. This is especially important when dealing with servers. This process collects and stores a list of all software and hardware used on a given server. Back


Software Application Blocking - There are millions of programs that are available to users to run on their computers and there may be times when you wish to block access to some of them.  Certain programs can amplify your risk of contracting a computer virus or spyware and some can use valuable network bandwidth while still others can impact user productivity.  The Simple Office™ Support Tool allows the selection and blockage of specific programs from running on one computer or your entire network. Back


Software Deployment / Update - One of the most time consuming aspects of managing a network is to update or load new software across your network.  The Simple Office™ Support tool allows your technician to work with the software vendor to create an automated "script" that performs the update or installation without every having to touch a computer. Back


Software License Assistance - While Concerto Networks does not act as a policing agent for software licensing, it is our policy to install and support only software that is properly licensed.  In order to demonstrate licensing, it is imperative that accurate data be available as to what is installed and running on your systems.  The software license inventory provided by Simple Office™ Support provides the necessary information to allow proper license management. Back


Spyware Management - Second only to Antivirus software, Anti-spyware software provides a necessary line of defense against unwanted software that has the power to expose your valuable data and destroy the productivity of your users.  Through the use of our Simple Office™ Support Tools, your service representative will do their best to make sure that your spyware program is running and up-to-date. Back


Technology Research and Proposals - Technology is always changing and seems to be a moving target.  We are technology people and can concentrate on your technology needs while you concentrate on your business.  Whether you are looking for a new CRM tool, accounting package, phone system, or other technology related product, we will work with you to develop the options that exist for your business.  No one is an expert on everything and if we need outside resources to properly evaluate the options, we will propose that to you.  In any case, we will act as your advocate to sift through the options and to answer your technology related questions. Back


Vendor on Vendor Conflict Resolution - Figure pointing is the norm in the IT business with software and hardware vendors blaming each other for the problems that occur. Your Simple Office™ Support service representative will put a stop to that by working with all vendors to resolve difficult situations. Back


VPN - Many organizations today have people working from other locations including their homes and on the road. This can be accomplished using a Virtual Private Network or VPN.  We will be there to answer the questions that arise regarding your VPN and document the programs, processes and procedures required to keep it running.  In addition, we are available to help your user when the connection does not work.  We will handle the issues remotely and on-site assistance for remote users may require additional charges. Back


WAN - A WAN or Wide Area Network is usually employed to connect multiple locations together either directly or through the Internet.  If the WAN is not working, your users at most locations will not be able to work.  We will document your WAN programs, processes and procedures and remain available should you require assistance in the event the there is a problem with the WAN. Back


Website and Hosting Support - A website is one of the most important tools in your company's customer service, sales and contact areas. Proper management of the website and having it hosted with the proper company is critical to make sure your site is available to your customers. Back


Windows Error Monitoring / Alerts -

Long before you start to notice things going wrong with your system, there may be warnings reported by your system event manager.  These errors and alerts can trigger your Simple Office™ Support tool to notify your technicians that something may be going wrong.  These errors and alerts can also be used to diagnose any problems that might occur on your system. Back

Products and services available only at participating locations.