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11/01/04 Executive Management Team Ray Hivoral
4/15/07 Concerto Networks Logo Guidelines, required for use of our logo
4/15/07 Concerto Networks Logo, GIF, Various Sizes, Zipped


4/15/07 Concerto Networks Logo, Windows JPEG, Zipped
4/15/07 Concerto Networks Logo, Adobe Illustrator, Zipped
Adobe Illustrator
4/15/07 Concerto Networks Logo, EPS, Zipped

The word marks "Concerto Networks", "Welcome to the Simple Office", and "Simple Office" and the wand artwork within the company logo, are all registered trademarks of Concerto Networks, Inc. Use of the marks is limited to Concerto Networks franchise owners and users pre-authorized by Concerto Networks, Inc. only.

Any use of our marks without Concerto Networks, Inc. approved consent is prohibited and you may be asked to discontinue the use of any of our marks at any time. For assistance and for Brand and Logo Guidelines, contact media@concertonetworks.com.

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