Concerto Networks® was launched in 2002 in response to the unmet need for professional, consistent-quality computer and information technology (IT) solutions for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). The need became very clear to Concerto Networks founder Ray Hivoral after personally experiencing computer difficulties both at home and at the small company he worked for, with no easy way to find good, professional help from a name-brand solutions provider.

Ray quickly realized that he wasn't alone. Other SMBs were experiencing similar difficulties finding reliable, consistent and cost-effective IT service and support. A survey of the market revealed a significant growth in the number of SMBs. Companies in this size range wouldn't be able to meet all of their IT needs with internal resources, leading to an exploding demand for quality outsourced IT support internationally.

In addition, there was a growing trend of experienced professionals exploring becoming independent technology consultants rather than continuing to work as employees in corporate technology departments.

This led Ray to hit upon the ideal solution for all: creating an international IT professional network which would provide consistent, high-quality business technology solutions to SMBs while at the same time providing lucrative investment opportunities for ambitious professionals ready to run their own businesses. And so, Concerto Networks was born.

The company's model is to build a national business technology solutions network with the expertise, processes, systems and support necessary to provide superlative service to SMBs. Concerto Networks businesses are independently owned and operated by experienced professionals equipped with the latest diagnostic hardware and software for providing on-site service. Members enjoy the pride of business ownership with minimized start-up and operational expenses. Concerto Networks supports its members with thorough training in Concerto Networks service standards and processes, sophisticated Internet-based back office systems and support, national advertising and branding, and partnerships with trusted leading name-brand technology and business solutions providers.

The company is led by a team of seasoned executives with a history of success in technology, business management and franchising.

Exploding demand

With recent changes in the economy, many professionals have switched from working for corporations to starting their own businesses. This has led to unprecedented growth in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States, with more than 10.5 million SMBs already using computers in their daily operations. In addition, large corporations are establishing satellite offices which operate with the same requirements as SMBs. This growth is forecasted to continue for the foreseeable future.

Today's technology makes it possible for SMBs to enjoy the same efficiency and productivity gains as large companies. Indeed, SMBs are dependent on information technology (IT) to properly service their customers and remain competitive. Most SMBs can't afford to keep IT staff in house and are increasingly turning to outsourcing to keep their technology up to date and working smoothly.

Traditionally, the outsourced IT industry has consisted almost entirely of small "mom and pop" outfits and independent contractors, notorious for giving inconsistent quality service with sparse documentation of their work, and providing little more than "break/fix" service consisting of simply troubleshooting and repair. This level of service is simply not sufficient to meet the needs of SMBs. As a result, the growing ranks of SMBs internationally are desperate to find a brand name service provider they can trust to provide the critical IT support they need.

Beyond "break/fix": Concerto Networks' unique value proposition

Concerto Networks goes well beyond traditional troubleshooting and repair of computers and networks, providing a comprehensive solution designed to help SMBs plan, manage and optimize their IT to get the maximum benefit from their investment. The company uses a holistic approach to IT support and director level management including, integrating computers, voice and data, wired and wireless communications, web site services, internet connectivity, security safeguards and other hardware and software to create the optimal solution for each individual business' needs. The company also provides customers with hardware and software training and education and purchasing guidance. In addition, customers benefit from Concerto Networks' partnerships with leading brand name manufacturers, service providers and retailers, with lower costs on technology purchases as well as heightened technical support. This holistic approach maximizes return on investment, minimizes downtime, and boosts the productivity, providing savings and value to customers far beyond the typical "break/fix" approach.

Lucrative business opportunity

The exploding demand for nationally-branded, high-quality IT support provides an exciting business opportunity for seasoned professionals ready to run their own business. Currently IT spending in the U.S. is a $300 billion industry. The SMB market represents nearly all types of industries, including high tech, medical/dental, legal, real estate, and manufacturing. This market also accounts for nearly 50% of the private work force, as well as 50% of the private sales in the U.S. (Source: U.S. SBA 2003) SMBs are a major force in the U.S. economy, comprising 99.8% of all employer firms. (Source: Yankee Group and U.S. Census Bureau)

Concerto Networks gives its members the benefits of a trusted international brand, state-of-the-art systems and processes, and the collaboration and support of an international network of Concerto Networks members.

The company has introduced international marketing campaigns promoting its services and its brand, "Welcome to the Simple Office™". The brand elegantly conveys the promise of empowerment made possible through the transfer of the IT support burden to a trusted provider. Members can choose from a catalog of print ads and sales literature to support their local sales efforts.

Every member can count on continuing guidance and support not only from the company's corporate staff, but also from the growing network of Concerto Networks members across the country and the globe. The company's web-based forums and chat groups facilitate collaboration among members facing similar issues. In addition, members have access to Concerto Networks' partner providers of hardware, software and services for training, support, and additional revenue opportunities.

Experienced management team

To ensure success, Concerto Networks has attracted seasoned talent both to its executive management team and its Board of Directors and its Board of Advisors.

Founder and CEO Ray Hivoral has managed strategic sales, product marketing and operations for several technology companies over the past 13 years, including Fujitsu Microelectronics, Lucent Technologies, Tyco Electronics and Technetics.

The Board of Advisors includes John S. Hawkins, President and CEO of Cloud 9 Shuttle, Inc., a successful franchise operation in San Diego, Don Higginson, the Senior VP of Franchise Relations at The UPS Store® (formerly Mail Boxes Etc., MBE), I. Edward Tonkon II, Senior Advisor partnering with Sterling Investment Partners, L.L.P., and Peter D. Holt, Executive in Residence for Great Hill Partners.

Poised for rapid growth

Concerto Networks is quickly expanding its network, and is on target to achieve full coverage of all major metropolitan areas of the United States within the next couple of years and has already announced international expansion into the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The company launched its membership opportunity internationally in January of 2004. Thanks to its forward-thinking business model and comprehensive support philosophy, Concerto Networks is one of the fastest growing computer business networks today.


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