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About Concerto Networks
Q: Who is Concerto Networks?

A: Concerto Networks® was launched in 2002 in response to the unmet need for professional, consistent-quality computer and information technology (IT) solutions for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). The need became very clear to Concerto Networks founder Ray Hivoral after personally experiencing computer difficulties both at home and at the small company he worked for, with no easy way to find good, professional help from a name-brand solutions provider.

Concerto Networks is an international network of business owners providing professional, consistent-quality computer and Information Technology (IT) solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), serving a critical and currently under served function for this rapidly growing market and multi-billion dollar industry.

Businesses are independently owned and operated by experienced professionals equipped with the latest diagnostic hardware and software for providing on-site service. The exploding demand for nationally-branded, high-quality IT support provides an exciting business opportunity for seasoned professionals ready to run their own business. Concerto Networks gives its members the benefits of a trusted international brand, proprietary business tools, sales, marketing and administrative support, and strategic partnerships and the collaboration and support of an international network of Concerto Networks members.

Concerto Networks' Executive Team, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors are unmatched in their combined IT and business management experience. Back

Q: How can Concerto Networks help my business?
A.  Concerto Networks offers you the support of an international technology solutions company, with the personal touch and responsiveness of your own local service provider. All at a price designed to fit comfortably within the budget of a small to medium size business.

Our solution will cover all of your technology needs, deciding which equipment and programs you need and how to maintain and support them. Our goal is to meet your every technology need so you can focus on what you do best. Ask us how we can start simplifying your office today.

Concerto Networks services and solutions include:

  • Managed services and service contracts
  • Consultation
  • Advice and purchase help, leveraging partnerships with leading technology providers
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of hardware and software
  • Set-up of services, including phone, wireless, Internet and web hosting
  • Computer and Network Integrity and Security assessment
  • Product upgrades: keeping hardware and software current
  • Security, firewall, virus protection and content filtering
  • Wireless networking
  • Data backup and recovery
  • System performance optimization
  • Technology training
  • Fast on-call emergency response with multiple response time options Back
Q: What is Simple Office™ Support?

A.  As a small- to medium-sized company, you’ve got the same need for business technology that large companies have. But unlike a large company, it may be far more cost-effective for your business to get outside help to meet your needs.

Traditionally, outsourced technology support has involved technicians who bill clients for service by the hour, resulting in sometimes high and inconsistent monthly charges and often leaving clients with a feeling of not knowing what they are getting for their investment. Now you have another option, proactively managed solutions with Concerto Networks® Simple Office™ Support Plans for desktop/laptop and server maintenance and complete technology management plans.

Now for one fixed monthly rate you will receive proactive, quality support when you need it with documented results. Leave the technology worries to us, so you can focus on your business. Visit our Simple Office Support Plan pages for more details.

Contact us online to schedule an appointment with your local solutions provider to start simplifying your business today.  


Q: How do I contact you?
  • Request Service Online here
  • Call 858.875.5189 for membership opportunities
  • Visit our "Contact Us" page or find a local solutions provider here
  • Email us at info@concertonetworks.com Back
  • Q: What payment methods do you accept?

    A: Concerto Networks currently accepts the following payment methods:

    • Checks
    • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) Back
    Membership Opportunities
    Q: What experience do I need to become a Concerto Networks Member?
    A: A typical Concerto Networks member business is owned and operated by one or more individuals. Business owners have either an owner-operator model and/or utilize employees or subcontractors as necessary to provide Consistent Quality Service™.  Our members usually have a combination of business and technology experience, although a technical background is not required. Members may hire additional resources for technical and/or business development endeavors to support their own experience.   Back
    Q: Why should I join Concerto Networks?
    A: The demand for IT support by small business is exploding worldwide. Concerto Networks® offers you a professional computer support and business technology business complete with marketing and business management tools. It's all you need to cure the boring career. You can take control of your destiny by starting your own business, but you don't have to go it alone when you join our growing international team of professionals. Back
    Q: What kind of support will I get from the Home Office as a Member?
    A: Concerto Networks gives members the benefits of mutli-national branding and the collaboration and support of an international network of Concerto Networks members. The Home Office does not at this time provide technical support, but rather we provide tools and resources to help you operate and market your business. The focus of our members is to concentrate on providing a localized, personal and professional on-site service, from home based or local office locations. Members have access to a multitude of tools and resources including back office support, marketing support and tools. Members will be part of a organized network with our trade name and logo, offering standardized services, merchandising and marketing techniques, operating procedures, product and service quality standards and business methods and other expertise supplied by Concerto Networks. Back
    Q: How much does a membership cost? What are the ongoing fees?
    A: Usually, starting a business requires lots of planning, up-front investment, time and sweat. Well, Concerto Networks has done all the sweating for you. When you purchase a Concerto Networks membership, the heavy lifting---creating marketing materials and branding, setting up your business software, etc.—is already planned out and taken care of. Visit the membership website for more information. Back
    Q: If I have been running my own IT consulting business, why should I consider joining?
    A: Supporting the IT needs of the SMB marketplace is a growing industry and if you have been meeting those needs with your own consulting firm, you know this as well as we do.  If you are looking for an opportunity to build more equity in your business, offer your customers more through strategic national partnerships, marketing support of a growing multi-national brand and more, then our membership opportunity may be something to consider. The best way to start the membership award process is to apply online or contact your membership development department representative today. Back
    Q: I'm interested in finding out more about the membership opportunity, where can I learn more?
  • Visit our Membership Info page for further information and to apply online
  • Email us at info@concertonetworks.com
  • Call 858.386.4177x701 for membership opportunities. Back
    Computer and Technology Support
    Q: Do you offer monthly or annual service contracts?
    A: Yes! We recognize the need to offer you a variety of service options including ongoing maintenance contracts or managed services plans. Hourly billing can make sense for occasional needs but it can also leave you wondering what you are getting for your money if you have continual technology needs. Let us work with you to put together a plan that suits your needs and meets your budget. Ask us about our Simple Office Support plans! Back
    Q: What operating systems do you support?
    A: We can usually support all operating systems. Back
    Q: Can you provide high speed internet access?
    A: Yes. Ask your local Concerto Networks solutions provider for internet access offerings. You can also visit our Web and Internet Technology page to see examples of the leading technology companies that we partner with. Back
    Q: Do you offer web site services? I'd like my company name in my email address, can you help?
    A: Yes. In today's online world email is a business necessity. Having a professional email address is an excellent way to promote your business' professional image and it can be done affordably and easily. Concerto Networks offers a variety of web site services and corporate communications packages for small offices and home offices (SOHO). You can also visit our Web and Internet Technology page to see examples of the leading technology companies that we partner with. Ask your local solution provider about these solutions to help grow your business today. Back
    Q: If I move to a different State, can you help set up my new office computer network?

    A: Yes. Concerto Networks is expanding nationwide and internationally. We can work with you to make sure your office equipment and systems are seamlessly in place at your new location. Back


    Q: I'm starting my own business. What can you do to help me?
    A: Your local Concerto Networks solutions provider will work with you to assess your business technology requirements. A Concerto Networks solutions provider is part of the corporate organization, system and network of partners with leading technology companies. Your business will benefit from a backbone of knowledge and support that our franchisees utilize. In essence your Concerto Networks solutions provider will act as your outsourced IT department, the level of service you will experience will be as if you have a dedicated IT department on staff. Back
    Q: We already have an in-house IT group, how can your service help us?
    A: Our solution providers may be able to compliment the existing services that your in-house IT group is providing. Whether you need extra help for short or long term projects or need additional help on a part-time basis, we can work with your team to help you meet your business goals. We can scale our services and products to fit any budget or level of IT expertise. Back
    Q: What if I need new hardware such as a laptop and help deciding what else I might need for my office?
    A: Let's face it, even though technology is supposed to make our lives easier, it can be frustrating trying to decide what technology is right for your business. Let us take the confusion out and put simplicity back in. We can offer any software or hardware product at extremely reasonable prices. Ask your local Concerto Networks solutions provider about our partnerships with leading technology companies which give you access to our volume pricing. Your local solution provider will assist you to identify the products to fit your needs, install it onsite and be there to support you when you need it. Back
    Q: We are considering adding a server to our network, how do we know what to consider?

    A: Making the decision to add a server to your network is an important one and there are several considerations such as your business size and objectives. Many small and medium businesses today with 5-75 employees are considering the addition of a server to their network. There are many benefits, but you have to know your own business today and where you want to be tomorrow. Our solution providers can assess your network needs, recommend options, implement your decisions and keep your network running smoothly.



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