Message from the Founder and CEO

Environment and Market Conditions

For more than a decade, large computer technology corporations identified and focused their attention on a target market with enormous potential—small- to- medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With SMBs making up more than 98% of employers, according to the Small Business Administration, they stand out as an underserved and unsatisfied market segment. The SMB customer is price sensitive and risk aversive, with constantly changing needs. With so many independent computer service companies and franchises to choose from, the SMB customer has been overwhelmed by a fragmented and dysfunctional set of service providers. SMBs seek a simple solution for all their business technology needs—all in one place. Today, Concerto Networks is building a foundation to clearly stand out as THE brand of choice for all SMB technology needs.

Why Concerto Networks®? Our Mission

Long before our incorporation in 2002 or launching our business opportunity in 2004, we spent over two years conducting market research on SMBs, the business services sector and Information Technology (IT) industry. We studied the complex environment of SMBs, the performance and product life cycles of independent computer service companies and the challenges faced by large technology corporations. We also studied the newly evolving trend of computer service franchises. We surrounded ourselves with experts in the fields of engineering, IT services, marketing, legal and franchising industries. With this foundation in place, we developed an organization which is uniquely engineering centric and marketing driven. The result of all this, is an innovative business model, which blends technology with human nature to support and grow our network's operations. We continue to conduct extensive research while developing our unconventional marketing strategies, remaining focused on building and positioning a strong brand. The Concerto Networks name brand rivals the competition. Our mission is to be the international business and technology solutions provider of choice, serving small- and medium-sized businesses. We strive to achieve this through quality execution, brand awareness, strategic partnerships, and a world-class support system for our member network. Concerto Networks® Simplifies Business Technology™. We create the Simple Office™ for our clients.

Building a solid brand foundation, our position and vision for the future

Constructed on a solid foundation, the Concerto Networks vision extends beyond IT services. We don’t want to be confused with the thousands of IT and computer solutions, rescue, fix-it or technician labeled companies. We go beyond simple troubleshooting and repair, providing a holistic approach to business technology services while offering significant savings and value to SMBs. Concerto Networks was founded upon the creative strategies of well established and respected people. Our quality team includes our member owners, employees, partners and members of the Boards of Directors and Advisors. Every member on our team plays an instrumental part in the growth of Concerto Networks. As we take the pro-active versus re-active approach to serving customers, our professional member network continues to grow at a rapid pace. We are growing and building our member network, not based on a member tally or number of zip code assignments; but on the quality of the service we’re providing. We are developing a complete network of seasoned business executives and technology professionals. As we continue on this path, Concerto Networks will fulfill its mission and attain its vision for the future.

Raymond R. Hivoral
Founder and CEO

Concerto Networks, Inc. "Consistent Quality Service"™

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